Materials Design Network

A UK academic network for materials discovery
bridging theory and devices


A network of chemists, physicists and materials scientists involved in the directed discovery of new materials. We are interested in providing creative solutions to technological challenges, as well as uncovering new properties and applications in the solid state.

The network was founded in 2011 and we have held annual meetings at the University of Bath (2012), The Royal Society, Chicheley Hall (2013), University of Liverpool (2014), and University College London (2015). The 2016 meeting was held at Imperial College London.

The network has helped bridge theory and experiment, as well as science and engineering, with a number of high-profile research outputs on topics as diverse as solar energy conversion, topological insulators, electrochemical energy storage, and transparent conductors.

The research of the individual members is supported by the Royal Society, the EPSRC, the European Research Council and EU-H2020. We also maintain strong international links, in particular with the USA, China, Japan and Korea.

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MDN Publications

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2018/2019 Committee Members

Aron Walsh (Imperial College London)
David Scanlon (University College London)
Ben Morgan (University of Bath)
Tim Veal (University of Liverpool)
Philip King (University of St. Andrews)